In this jet age, reaching pupils/students is quite different from what it used to be; thus we believe that giving the children talks from time to time on various contemporary challenges will go a long way to helping them attain academic excellence and general success in life. We reach pupils/students through:

  1. Academic Performance Clinic (APC)

This Seminar addresses various issues which affect pupil/student academics with topics such as: The Fly Mentality, The Real You and the Dream You, Distinctions without Distractions, A B C of Academic Success, Your Choice and Your Future, 360 degree student, Maximizing Distractions,  just to mention a few.

  1. Ready for Life Summit (RFL)

This is an encompassing retreat excitingly packaged for the SS3 graduating class to better equip them for the unexpected switch that life will bring outside the four walls of secondary school; issues like: Academic Performance, Career discovery, Financial Intelligence, Maximizing Relationships, and Leadership Training Program.

  1. High School Here I Come

This is a special seminar put together for primary 5 or 6 pupils moving to secondary school, or orientation for JSS1 student in the secondary school. This will help them adjust to the secondary school life.

  1. Leadership Training Program (LTP)

To save the national leadership of tomorrow today, is to adequately introduce true leadership to the Nigerian youth right from the cradle with the primary level project of the Prerequisite Leadership Course and Secondary level of the Intermediate Leadership Course. This is open to the whole school and a special session for school prefects.

  1. Career Guide Workshop (CGW)

This workshop is designed to expose the students to more practical approach of making career choices as they understand who they are, how they are wired, academic best and the career line for them.

Please not that all these programs are highly interactive, illustrative and interesting for the various levels; via the use of slides, movies, games, and practical activities.

Click here to view Pictures on some of our Seminars and Workshop.

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