For us at Sure Success, we believe that talent is not enough, and learning never ends until life ends. Thus for every school to be able to achieve its vision /mission, it is important to impact its work force via upgrading trainings. We train school staff such as Admin, Teachers, Matrons/Patrons, Cleaners, Security officers and all working in the school environment.

A. Teachers Upgrading Courses (TUC)

A teacher is one who does not only impact knowledge, but also often acquire more knowledge. In this dynamic age, upgrading is the only key to effectiveness and relevance. If you desire a seven star school, then you need to have seven star rated teachers. Listed below, but not limited to, are some of our courses:

  1. Introductory Life Coaching Course for Teachers
  2. Phonics Foundation for Teachers
  3. Class Room Management Course
  4. Foundations to Educational Psychology
  5. Teaching and Temperament (Basic and Advance)
  6. Contemporary School Systems and Teaching Techniques
  7. Safety and Security Intelligence for Teachers
  8. Educational Income Tips
  9. My Teacher My change Facilitator
  10. Communication and Presentation Skills for Teachers
  11. Teaching and Technology
  12. Creative Intelligence for Teachers
  13. Emotional Intelligence

*A pack of any three (3) of the above course attracts 30% discount per head and payment in group of 12 participants and above attracts 50% discount.

B. Hostel Parent Certification Course

C. School Security Staff Training

D. Daycare Care Giver’s Certification

E. Maintenance Personnel’s Training (Cleaners, gardeners and assistants)

F. School Administrator’s/Proprietor’s Program

  1. Emotional Intelligence
  2. Creative Intelligence
  3. Communication/Presentation Skills
  4. Administrative Financial Intelligence
  5. Temperamental Management Skills

*A pack of three (3) selected courses for Administrators attract 30% discount.

Click here to view Pictures on some of our trainings.

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