GDF stands for the acronym – Graduate Development Forum. It is one of the arms of Sure Success Consultancy saddled with the responsibility of addressing the challenges of graduates in Nigeria and proffering a Self generated solution; thus making them employable and enterprising in an irresistible manner within six months of becoming a part of this FORCE..

GDF work tools include:

Graduate Trainee Certification

This certification consists of courses that are designed to make both undergraduate and graduates employable and enterprising and also afford them the privilege to attract their dream job. Courses that are taken include:

  1. Business Creation and Management
  2. Customer/Client Relations Management
  3. Creative Intelligence
  4. Practical Intelligence
  5. Emotional Intelligence
  6. SENSE 102 & 102

Advance Leadership Course (ALC)

We believe that good leaders are made and not born. Thus this highly interesting and interactive session will not only open the hearts of the youth to who a leader is, but it will also usher them into the place of true leadership.

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