Sure Success Consultancy is an educational and resource development consulting firm in Lagos and Jos, Nigeria. Our major missions are to improve the academic performance of pupils and students, the educational standard of schools in Nigeria and to raise an employable and enterprising generation of graduates in Nigeria.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to build a generation of schools, students, and graduates that will portray symbols of unending excellence in all spheres of life.

Our Objectives

  • To train, coach and motivate pupils and students through various easy learning techniques so as to achieve significant improvements in their academic performance.
  • To train, coach and motivate graduates to become employable and enterprising.
  • To conduct relevant research on various issues revolving around school ownership, teaching, and studentship.
  • To generate productive and enhancing environment for schools to operate with a distinct touch of excellence.
  • Our General Services

Our general services include educational consultancy, business consultancy, training, resource development and life coaching.